Its 1950 and the height of the Cold War in Communist-ruled, post-war Czechoslovakia. Ex-RAF Czech pilot Franta Slama – a man in his early forties – is confined to a labour camp as an enemy of the people, because he had flown for the RAF during WWII. The new totalitarian Communist regime deemed him contaminated by the Western ideals of democracy and freedom and as such a potential threat to the State. Flashing back to 1939, just before world peace is irredeemably shattered. Franta congratulates his protege, fresh faced young trainee pilot Karel Vojtisek, for passing his flying test. Soon afterwards, Franta and Karel escape Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and reach England, where they join the RAF. Both men fall in love with the same woman, Susan. For Karel, Susan was his first love. But for both men, Susan will push their friendship to the limit.

Reparto: Ondrej Vetchy,Krystof Hadek,Tara Fitzgerald
Director: Jan Sverak
Género: Drama
Nombre Original:
Año: 2001
Estreno: 2001-12-28
Duración: 115
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