With the death of his mother, and a frustrating career as the citys District attorney James Thomas decides to move his wife, Jennifer, and seven year old son Danny to the familys estate home in rural North Carolina. Shortly after the transition Jennifer and Danny begin to experience strange paranormal occurrences. The house is haunted by the apparitions of nine dead children. Seeking answers and solace for the nightmare they are going through Jennifer approaches the local parish priest, Father Donovan. Unfortunately the mystery deepens as she discovers that he holds the darkest secret of all. He is cognizant of the origins of the dead children, the reason for their resurrection, and how and why it ties to her beloved husband James.

Reparto: Lance Henriksen,Valerie Azlyn,Jason Cook
Director: Dean C. Jones
Género: Terror;Suspenso;Ciencia Ficción;Fantasía
Nombre Original:
Año: 2015
Estreno: 2015-07-17
Duración: 91
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